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Amazon FBA PL (Private Label)

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the A to Z journey of Amazon FBA Private Label. Here’s what we provide:

Product Research

Identifying profitable products based on thorough market analysis using tools such as Helium10, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Keepa, and our extensive experience. We combine data-driven insights with manual techniques we’ve honed over years of working with Amazon, ensuring that every product we recommend has a strong potential for success and profitability.

Sourcing and Supply Chain

Establishing a quality sourcing and supply chain to procure products with at least a 20% profit margin per sale. We leverage our network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers to negotiate favorable terms and maintain high standards of quality. This ensures that every product we source meets our stringent criteria for cost-effectiveness and marketability.

Patent Check

Conducting detailed patent checks to ensure no legal claims exist on the product, confirming its viability for marketplace sale. This process is crucial to avoid any potential legal issues that could arise from selling patented products. We use comprehensive databases and legal resources to verify the patent status and protect your business from potential infringement lawsuits.

Sample Evaluation

Evaluating samples in China to compare our manufacturer’s product quality against competitors. Our team performs rigorous inspections and quality checks on samples, assessing factors such as material, craftsmanship, and functionality. This allows us to ensure that our products meet or exceed market standards, giving you a competitive edge.

Company and Brand Registration

Setting up a company in the target selling country, filing for trademarks, and registering the brand on Amazon to protect against hijackers. We also assist with Amazon seller accounts and bank accounts if needed. Our services include legal and administrative support to streamline the process, ensuring that your brand is fully protected and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Inventory Management

Overseeing the manufacturing process, performing inventory inspections to ensure quality before shipping. We implement strict quality control measures at every stage of production, from raw material sourcing to final product assembly. This helps us catch and address any potential issues early, ensuring that only the best products reach your customers.


Coordinating product shipping to Amazon warehouses through our freight forwarding channel in China. We handle all logistics, including customs clearance and transportation, to ensure that your products are delivered to Amazon’s fulfillment centers on time and in perfect condition. Our established shipping routes and partnerships with reputable freight forwarders help us minimize delays and reduce shipping costs.

Listing Creation and Optimization

Creating and optimizing Amazon listings before shipping. This includes professional photography, videography, and content writing to make a strong market impact. Our team of experts crafts compelling product descriptions, high-quality images, and engaging videos that highlight your product’s features and benefits, helping to attract and convert potential buyers.

Advertising and PPC Management

Managing all sponsored campaigns and Amazon PPC, including multichannel marketing. We develop and execute targeted advertising strategies to increase your product’s visibility and drive sales. By analyzing performance data and optimizing campaigns regularly, we ensure that your advertising budget is used efficiently to maximize return on investment.

Ecommerce Website Development

Building a modern ecommerce website for the brand and product, which is essential for trademark approval and brand registration on Amazon. A dedicated ecommerce site enhances your brand’s online presence, providing customers with additional purchasing options and building brand credibility. Our web development team creates user-friendly, visually appealing websites that support your overall marketing strategy.

Launch and Scaling

Managing and scaling the complete Amazon launch to achieve top organic rankings for main keywords and launching multiple products within the same niche to establish brand dominance. We use proven launch techniques and continuous optimization to ensure that your products gain and maintain high visibility on Amazon, driving long-term growth and success for your brand.

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